1st Administrative Assistant to Presiding Bishop

Bishop Randell Black

Bishop Black is the First Assistant to the Presiding Bishop and the Presiding Bishop of The Word Christian Ministry Inc. in San Antonio, Texas. He also holds several offices with Whole Life Christian Church International Executive Board of Directors, Executive Board of Bishops, and a member of the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops.

In 1985 he became a member of Fort Sam Houston Gospel Chapel San Antonio, Texas, under the watchful eyes of Bishop C.M. Collins founder and Senior Pastor.

In June 1999, the vision that the Lord had given him 9 years earlier came to pass with the birth of The Word Christian Ministry, Word Christian Ministry Community Church.

In November 2007 Pastor Black was consecrated into the Episcopacy as a diocesan bishop under Presiding Bishop C.M. Collins.

Bishop Black is married to his ministry partner the Pastor Sonia Black. They have three beautiful daughters and five lovely grandchildren.

2nd Administrative Assistant & Adjunct General to the Presiding Bishop

Bishop-Elect C. M. Collins

Bishop-elect Clifton M. Collins is a native of Cibolo, Texas. He is an Elder at Whole Life Christian Church of Converse, Texas. His Christian training comes from his natural father, Bishop C.M. Collins at Fort Sam Houston Gospel which was later changed to Whole Life Christian Church.

At the age of 23, he accepted his call to ministry and began ministering as Deacon under Head Deacon Damon Bonneau in 1998 at Whole Life. He became an ordained Elder in May 2001 at Whole Life. He became the Adjutant General and Overseer-at-large for the Presiding Prelate in 2003.

Elder Collins completed his undergraduate education at the University of Texas at San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

International Mission

Bishop Dani Komlan

Bishop Dr. Doni Tekana Komlan who was born in Notse, Togo, West Africa, was baptized at an early age at the Church of Pentecost of Togo.

Upon his call to ministry, he served on the ministerial staff at Mt. Horeb prayer camp in
Mamfe, Ghana. He became the Assistant Associate Pastor of Victory Life Church in San Antonio, Texas, and is the Auxiliary Bishop of Education and Church Planting at Whole Life Christian Church International, Converse Texas.

Bishop Doni is the Founder and Presiding Bishop of Mt. Horeb International Prayer Camp Ministries in San Antonio, and founder and Presiding Bishop of Reach Out The World International Ministries, Accra, Ghana, West Africa. He is also the President of Missions of Whole Life International.

He is married to the lovely Brigitte Abla Adanou Komlan and they have one beautiful daughter, Lily Komlan.

National Mission

Bishop J. R.Smokes

In 1962 Bishop J. R. Smokes accepted the calling to Christ at the New Mount Rose Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. D. H. Hall in San Antonio, Texas. In 197 4 Bishop Smokes announced his calling in the ministry to Rev I. Kidd the Senior Pastor of New Light Baptist Church in Del Rio, Texas. He attended St. Phillips School of Nursing, then later attended St. Phillips to major in Political Science and received a Bachelor's of Science Degree from University of Canterbury in 1994, Master of Law in Criminal Justice in 1994, Doctorate in Criminal Law 1998, and Doctorate of Theology in religion in 1998. Ordination under the Rev I. Kidd at the New Light Baptist Church in 1999. Worked with troubled adults and youths becoming owner of the Alamo City Chargers Semi Pro Football team and Olympic Youth Club. He helped churches reorganize and grow. He served as assistant pastor of the New Hope Baptist Church in Seguin and was called to Pastor Lone Star Baptist Church in Gillett, Texas. Served as Secretary to the Alliance of Christian Churches and Pastors. Bishop Smokes also has a degree in Mortuary Science. Has custody of one granddaughter Jere Robyn Smokes. He is engage to Ms. Patricia May-James.

Bishop John Gake

Togo, West Africa

John Tonygba Gake was ordained to the Priesthood by Reverent P.T. Bamiro in 1997 and consecrated by Bishop C M Collins in 2004. He was assigned to oversee the ministries on the continent of West Africa. A senior member of a church with supervisory and theological responsibilities over both the clergy and congregation they oversee throughout West Africa.

Bishop Kuma Emmanuel Guidi

Togo Africa

Kuma Emmanuel Guidi ordained by Apostle Emmanuel Abudzo in 1998 and consecrated by Bishop C M Colliins in 2004. As the Directors of Christian education, Whole Life Christian Church International, Togo, West Africa I institute classes on subjects such as church leadership, missionary studies and Christian counseling, etc. I oversees staff, scheduling, student discipline and budgets for the institute.

Overseer Adanou Yaovo Efouako

Togo, West Africa

Overseer Adanou Yaovi Efouako was born in Agou-Gare in Togo West Africa. He was baptize an early age by Reverend Pastor Doumenou Kodjo Baptist Church of New Covenant in Kpalime Togo. Upon his call in the Ministry he served under the leadership of Bishop (Dr) Doni Komlan. He was ordained in 24 of December 1999 in Mt Horeb Prayer Camp Ministries in Mamfe (Ghana).He served as Assistant Pastor in Mana Redemption InternationalMissions in Lome Togo with Prophet Okra Joseph.

In 2003 he was a pioneer and the President of Whole Life Christian Church International in Togo West Africa. He was consecrated as overseer in 23 October 2011, by Bishop C M Collins of Whole Life Christian Church International, Converse Texas USA.

Overseer Juliet Osasojie Obomerelu

Nigeria, West Africa

Overseer Juliet Osasojie Obomerelu (Mrs) Nigeria, West Africa. Ordained by Bishop C M Collins in 2011; and assigned to establish new ministries throughout Nigeria with oversight of these ministries.